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The Book of Remembrance
Photograph: Jann Harry (J.S. Harry) at her book launch of Not finding Wittgenstein: Peter Henry Lepus Poems, Giramondo Publishing Company, 12 June 2007. Photographed by Jenni Nixon, at Gleebooks.

Remembering Australian poets from Sydney and New South Wales. These stories are treasured memorials.  We publish them to honour a life as well as to inform community of their lives that made them prominent locally, nationally and worldwide.

Editor Adam Aitken is a Sydney-based poet and teacher. His last book was Archipelago (Vagabond Press).
Email address: AAitken@poetrysydney.org

Photograph: Rudi Krausmann in Sydney by Pam Brown, 1982.

Nicolette Stasko

Nicolette Stasko I heard the sad news today that Australian-American poet, non-fiction writer, editor and novelist Nicolette Stasko died on Christmas Day 2021, after a battle with cancer. Readers of these pages will know she was an accomplished writer, critic, and teacher of literature. In recent months, she was completing

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Kate Jennings

The Australian writer Kate Jennings died in New York on 1 May 2021. She was born in Temora in western NSW in 1948, and grew up in the Riverina. A detailed account of a country childhood in her novel ‘Snake’ draws on her own. Poet, essayist, and novelist, she published

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Lesley Walter

Lesley Walter was a widely published poet who held a Master of Letters Degree in Australian Literature from The University of Sydney. She worked as a secondary school teacher and a tertiary administrator, married and had three daughters, publishing two collections of poetry before her untimely death in 2016. Her

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Rae Desmond Jones

Rae Desmond Jones Rae Desmond Jones was a friend and a mentor. He was one of the first contemporary  Australian poets I read as a teenager and my fascination with him only increased following the controversy over the inclusion of ‘The deadshits’ on Robyn Archer’s  1978 LP The Wild Girl

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Deb Westbury

Deb Westbury Photograph by John Bragg at the Red Point Arts Centre cafe in Port Kembla, 2013. Deb Westbury, who passed away in 2018, was a poet, a mentor, a teacher and a workshop leader. For many years she also worked as a sculptor. Born in Wollongong, she lived there, Port Kembla

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John Upton

John Upton By the time he died, John Upton had established himself in the front rank of modern Australia poets, having already been a very successful scriptwriter for television and the stage. No matter what he was writing, John was, first and foremost, a craftsman. This was brought home to

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Kerry Leves

Kerry Leves Kerry Leves was born in Balmain in 1948 to a First World War veteran. He was the author of Water Roars, Illusions Burn Vagabond Press, 2002, and other collections, and A Shrine To Lata Mangeshkar (Puncher and Wattman, 2007), a book named after the revered playback singer of over five

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Adam Aitken is a Sydney-based poet and teacher. His last book was Archipelago (Vagabond Press). 
Email: AAitken@poetrysydney.org