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Photograph: Les Murray in Piers's backyard in Wahroonga by Piers Laverty, 2017.

Remembering Australian poets from Sydney and New South Wales. These stories are treasured memorials.  We publish them to honour a life as well as to inform community of their lives that made them prominent locally, nationally and worldwide.

Adam Aitken is a Sydney-based poet and teacher. His last book was Archipelago (Vagabond Press).
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Photograph: Rudi Krausmann in Sydney by Pam Brown, 1982.

Rudi Krausmann

I am nobody in a shallow river although I can’t offer a paradise sentences & smiles reason & bridges I do not fail to cast a tiny shadow in the snow. Rudi Krausmann, from White River Hut (August 1973) Rudi Krausmann (born 23 July 1933 in Mauerkirchen, Salzburg  – died 15 March 2019 in Sydney) was an Austrian born Australian playwright and poet. He studied Economics in Vienna and worked as a journalist for the newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten. In 1958, after a sojourn in

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Les Murray: Cross-Road at the Centre of the World

The last half-century has been a remarkable one for Australian literature.  Some might trace many of our literary achievements back to the year 1972, the year the Literature Board of the Australian Council of the Arts (as it was then) was established. Within twelve months an Australian had been awarded the Nobel Prize, and international recognition followed for a diverse group of writers, beginning with the Booker Prize winners Thomas Keneally and Peter Carey, and with poets who had turned

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Adam Aitken is a Sydney-based poet and teacher. His last book was Archipelago (Vagabond Press).