Poetry Sydney is an independent literary organisation committed to a presence for poetry in our culture.

The Australian Poetry Publishers directory is a portal for poets to have their poems published, to encourage Australian poetry to be purchased and to support Australian Poetry Publishers in enabling poets to have the opportunity to be published. Publishers on this list are those who publish poetry within Australia.

Black Inc (not currently) www.blackincbooks.com.au

Black Pepper (not currently) http://blackpepperpublishing.com/

Black Pepper Publishing
403 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North 3068
03) 9489 1716

*Brandl & Schlesinger (not currently) https://www.brandl.com.au/

Busybird (only with self-published authors) https://www.busybird.com.au/

Collective Effort Press Facebook | No unsolicited at this stage

*Cordite Books https://corditebooks.org.au/ | No unsolicited at this time

Dangerously Poetic  (Byron based) dangerouslypoetic.com | No unsolicited at this time.

Flying Islands Website coming soon. Not open for submissions.

Fremantle Press WA
poets only https://www.fremantlepress.com.au/   Please note that while they are open to considering work from established writers, their focus at this time is on the work of new and emerging poets.

Friendly Street friendlystreetpoets.org.au | South Australian members or residents.

Ginninderra Press www.ginninderrapress.com.au/ | Open for submissions.

Giramondo  https://giramondopublishing.com | Accepts unsolicited

*Gloria SMH  http://gloriasmh.com/ | Having a break.

Grand Parade Poets http://grandparadepoets.com/ | No unsolicited at this time.

*Hunter  hunterpublishers.com.au   | No open call currently

Interactive http://www.ipoz.biz/interactive-press/ | Open for submissions 2022. Valuable contributor to Oz poetry but check terms advised. Reading fee.

Light Trap Press http://www.light-trap.net/ | No unsolicited at this stage.

Lightning Source  not a publisher, printing and distribution for self-publish. www.ingramspark.com

Magabala https://www.magabala.com Indigenous.

MPU Chapbooks https://www.melbournepoetsunion.com | Several open periods during year.

*Pitt Street Poetry https://pittstreetpoetry.com/ | No unsolicited at this time.

presspress http://www.presspress.com.au/ Chapbooks. Open for submission.

*Publicious http://www.publicious.com.au/ Printer

Puncher & Wattmann puncherandwattmann.com | Currently no unsolicited.

Recent Work Press https://recentworkpress.com/ | Submission window 1-30 April.

Rochford Press  https://rochfordstreetreview.com/ | No unsolicited at this time.

Spinifex https://spinifexpress.com.au | No unsolicited at this time.

Studio Christians writing email: studio00@bigpond.net.au  | Accepting unsolicited submissions.

*Sunline   (need current link) | Western Australia based. No unsolicited at this time.

University Queensland Press https://www.uqp.uq.edu.au/ | Only via agent or solicited.

Vagabond Press https://vagabondpress.net/ | Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Wakefield Press https://www.wakefieldpress.com.au/ | South Australian based. Will reopen for submissions sometime in 2020.

Walleah Press https://walleahpress.com.au/ | Mostly Tasmanian. Currently no unsolicited.

Wild Weeds Press https://www.wildweedspress.org/ | Western Australia based

This Australian Publishers directory was compiled by Les Wicks for Poetry Sydney, February 2021. All reasonable efforts were taken to ensure information is accurate.  We welcome information that assists in maintaining the directory. We urge you to look at the array of links, and encourage you to buy some great Australian poetry.  Inquiries should be addressed to the publisher.

Listings marked with * did not respond to our queries and those publishers marked had information gleaned from their website.