Poetry Sydney is an independent literary organisation committed to a presence for poetry in our culture.

Poetry Sydney as an organisation formed in November 2018. Its origins were first established in 1999, when the not-for-profit organisation, Poets Union, managed and coordinated the readings at the Brett Whiteley Studio until the amalgamation of two major national poetry organisations to form Australian Poetry Ltd. The Melbourne Poetry Centre and the Poets Union forged to form a national peak body in 2011. Brook Emery, poet and former President of the Poets Union, coordinated the readings until 2008, when Angela Stretch started the position of curator and coordinator of the poetry readings at the Brett Whiteley Studio.

Poetry Sydney has developed through a culmination of gaps in the administering and servicing of information that service poets and poetry communities in Sydney, Western Sydney and greater Sydney, and NSW. It had its public launch in February 2019, supported by the City of Sydney Council, to coincide with the official website launch event held at the Surry Hills Community Centre.

Poetry Sydney’s current operations are to coordinate conveners of poetry in Sydney, Western Sydney, greater Sydney and NSW, hosting four quarterly meetings a year.  It services poets and poetry communities across metropolitan, western Sydney, greater Sydney and regional NSW. It enables the building and linking of communities through a well established and engaging art form, through a digital platform and selected events.

Poetry Sydney program at the Brett Whiteley Studio, Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW) was established in 1999, the Poetry Sydney program has featured hundreds of poets from New South Wales, interstate and overseas. The program was one of Australia’s longest standing poetry events.  First coordinated and managed by the Sydney based Poets Union before the amalgamation with the Melbourne Poetry Centre in 2011, to form Australian Poetry. Brook Emery, poet and former President of the Poets Union coordinated the readings until 2008, when Angela Stretch started the position.

Poetry Sydney nurtures innovation, discovery, and inspiration through the poetry of today. We present established, emerging and early career poets from diverse poetry practices. The program supports a range of poets and platforms poetry in a public setting. The program includes an annual open reading, in addition to hosting special events such as book launches, talks, performances, associative festival events and special annual events such as the Sydney Poetry Bookers Picnic and Shakespeare’s birthday event reading.