Poetry Sydney is an independent literary organisation committed to a presence for poetry in our culture.

Poetry Sydney services poets and poetry communities in Sydney and NSW by building relationships through a well-established and engaging art form, using a digital platform and at selected events.

The Poetry Sydney program supports a range of poets and platforms in public settings. It includes readings at the Brett Whiteley Studio AGNSW: special events such as book launches; talks; performances; associative festival and annual events.

Launched in 2019, the independent organisation nurtures innovation, discovery and inspiration through the poetry of today. We present established, emerging and early career poets from diverse poetry practices.

Our origins were first established in 1999, when the not-for-profit organisation, Poets Union, managed and coordinated the readings at the Brett Whiteley Studio until it merged with the Melbourne Poetry Centre to form Australian Poetry.

Poetry Sydney program at the Brett Whiteley Studio, Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW)

Established in 1999, the Poetry Sydney program has featured hundreds of poets from New South Wales, interstate and overseas. Now in its 23rd year at the Brett Whiteley Studio, the program is one of Australia’s longest standing poetry events.  First coordinated and managed by the Sydney based Poets Union before the amalgamation with the Melbourne Poetry Centre in 2011, to form Australian Poetry. Brook Emery, poet and former President of the Poets Union coordinated the readings until 2008, when Angela Stretch started the position.

Brett and Wendy Whiteley first bought the former Surry Hills warehouse in 1985, converting it into a studio and exhibition space where Brett lived and worked from 1988 until his death in 1992. The space opened to the public in 1995, two years after the NSW Government purchased it. It is now owned and managed by the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW).  The Brett Whiteley Studio offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the artist’s working space, with paintings, art materials, his personal collection of art books and objects that inspired him, alongside the graffiti wall covered with quotes and images.

“Poetry to Whiteley was rich air to inhale and to consume – Rimbaud and Baudelaire set fire to his imagination – and poetry in this studio became an integral part of the public programs here… we celebrate voices, words, ideas, soundscapes which travel inward and light our way.”

          Alec George, Coordinator, Brett Whiteley Studio

The Brett Whiteley Studio is managed by the Art Gallery of New South Wales with free admission made possible by principal sponsor J.P. Morgan.

The Poetry Sydney program at the Brett Whiteley Studio is held on the first Sunday of the month between March and November at 2:00pm. For enquiries please email mail@poetrysydney.org

For more on the Brett Whiteley Studio please visit the AGNSW website: https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/brett-whiteley-studio/about/