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Mohsen Sultany Zand + Cosmogenic

Mohsen Sultany Zand is an Iranian poet and refugee. He arrived in Australia in 1999 and spent four years in an immigration detention centre. After his release, Mohsen was able to focus more fully on his writing. He also began to collaborate with Iranian and Australian musicians to create experimental, improvised music and soundscapes over which his poetry could be read, which culminated in Australian Dream, a double CD, of poetry set to music with invited readers and musicians, published by Stickylabel (2005).

In 2010 Mohsen published a collection of poetry titled Inside Out. These pieces dealt largely with his experiences as a refugee detained in Australia. In 2017 the poems were released as a double CD with accompanying music.

Mohsen’s most recent project is a fluid affiliation of musicians and sound artists working under the name of Cosmogenic. The collective is influenced by Persian music, jazz and psychedelia. Members have included Dr Sandy Evans, Mohsen Nardeloo, Peter Miller-Robinson, Phillippa Murphy-Haste and Amir Karami.

Accompanying Mohsen on Tuesday night for pie in ths sky poets, is an iteration of Cosmogenic, Mohsen Nardeloo and Peter Miller-Robinson.

6:30pm for 7:00pm Tuesday 18 June 2024

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