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Poetry Oceania Yearbook 2025

Announcing the Poetry Oceania Yearbook 2025

Lunar New Year Calendar 2024/2025

10 February 2024 - 29 January 2025

Poetry Sydney partners with Elite Publishing for a year long project that will culminate in a limited print edition poetry yearbook following a series of workshops, webinars, and a launch event reading.

This inaugural book program is divided into four parts that take 12 aspiring young poets through the process of developing their poetic potential over three months commencing April to July 2024.

Poetry Oceania Yearbook 2025 is designed as a lunisolar calendar journal partitioned in the twelve months of the year that features the poetry of the 2024/2025 program of twelve participants.

Project Curators & Writers: Aileen Moka and Angela Stretch

Three webinars and three workshops, a launch reading event and a printed book are few of the valuable reasons for young aspiring poets to get involved.   More details to be released mid-year.

Poetry Oceania Yearbook 2025 theme: There is a lot of freedom and creativity to inspire you with this year’s Zodiac animal. People born in the Year of the Dragon are traditionally thought to be enthusiastic, intelligent, lively, energetic, and innovative.

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