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Machine Assisted Street Poetry: Steven Durbach AKA Sid Sledge

The performance is presented by Poetry Sydney, sponsored by Fayroze Lutta and supported by the City of Sydney.

Steven Durbach, aka Sid Sledge worked as a scientist doing genetic research on bacteria and viruses from 1995-2008 before turning to art fulltime. Upon emigrating to Australia, he worked as an artist drawing on his knowledge and insights from the study of evolutionary theory to see what story that could tell in the arts. His principle media are drawing; kinetic sculpture and drawing animation. He has recently taken on a more research-based performative approach where during installations, performances and residencies, primarily at science institutions and other non-art spaces, he uses an experimental approach to engage the audience and evolve his work. https://sidsledge.com/

The Machine is constructed from turntables, bicycle parts and components from an old umbrella.  ‘This machine tries to be more like me with its regular aspects, but that seems to drive an unwieldy chaotic behaviour at its (my!) extremity. It is an eccentric drawing machine but – like me – always looks like it might be measuring something. That aspect of measurement is heightened by the artist inhabiting the character of ‘The Scientist’ during the performance.  Sid Sledge

The words captured through a variety of media recordings will be assembled into stochastic street poetry that poses questions of the distinction between art and science.  The data will also contribute towards follow-up events in ongoing iterations of the evolving work by the artist, Steven Durbach.