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Poetic Illuminations in V Visions

Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions is the retrospective voyage of a cultural hybrid of poetry, video and music.

Like a film, Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions screens the comings and goings, designing narratives that rise, build, unravel and dissipate.

Dave’s Poetic Illuminations are a visual meditation about transformation of shapes in poetic fruition using feedback effects and an accelerated rhythm. The radiant use of colours flash across the screen, some circular, others rectangular, yet other strips, their colours changing in stochastic ways, enhancing the experience without distracting from it.

Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions is like a blank wall on which the moving pictures come to be inscribed, etched on the surface, changing the very texture of the wall. Screening as a live stream show, the experience is itself a wall of emotion pictures, an assemblage of affects. Consuming the video is to ingest an absorption of images, a visual feast – an oral affair.
Poetic Illuminations also culminates as the first survey exhibition to document recent and historical contemporary poetics by video artist Julian Dave Young, who has a digital pseudonym dvd2u that explore a new syntax made of linear and non-linear animation. The exhibition is on at the Darlington Install Project (DIP), and presented by Intelligent Animal (ia).
Fast forward to this year, Dave’s video art was presented by Poetry Sydney at Colouring in the Body Electric, as part of the Head to Surry Hills, Mardi Gras, and in April, at the annual William Shakespeare literary event, Will Do!

Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions presented are representations of the video art, poetry and music from four productions:

Darlinghurst Nights by Kenneth Slessor, Sydney Writers Festival 2009
Love at the Bar, Australian poets, Sydney Writers Festival 2010
Colouring in the Body Electric, Head to Surry Hills Mardi Gras 2021
Will Do! William Shakespeare Birthday Celebration, The Rocks 2021

Poetic Illuminations in V Visions is presented by Poetry Sydney, Sydney Underground Streaming Service (SUSS), ia and DIP.

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This is a live streaming event produced by Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions (SUSS) and screened on this page

Warning: The video contains bright, flashing lights and/or imager that may cause discomfort for those with photo-sensitivities. Viewer discretion is advised.
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Exhibition: Darlington Install Project DIP
Window Gallery
30 Golden Grove Street, Darlington NSW2008
Intelligent Animal: intelligentanimal.com.au
e art@intelligentanimal.com.au

Artist Statement

These images were created to accompany shows produced by Poetry Sydney for more than ten years. To find a discrete part of the wavelength of a poetry show is a fairly tricky business, video tends to demand attention, it must support, not overwhelm, to achieve a positive result.

Artist Bio

Julian D Young is an avatar of the digital entity dvd2u. He can be found swinging around various devices in pursuit of coherence most of the time. He has done this ever since his friend told him he should buy a computer sometime last century. Video tags: @dvd2u #dvd2u

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