Poetry Sydney is an independent literary organisation committed to a presence for poetry in our culture.

Sydney and regional NSW readings and events

Poetry Sydney will commence a monthly newsletter that includes regular poetry event readings in Sydney and New South Wales (NSW), and will consider events that feature poets, poetry and opportunities for poets in Sydney and NSW.

The poetry newsletter is a digital events listing compiled through email registration at no cost.  Please register through the Poetry Sydney website, or by emailing: mail@poetrysydney.org

Poetry Sydney (ps) welcomes all events to be listed in the newsletter.  To be included in the monthly newsletter please submit your event details a week before.  Let us know and keep us all informed.

Please note: Submissions will be considered before publishing.  ps aims to provide accurate representation and information and to the best of our knowledge, all details on the website were correct at the time of publication. 

The information provided on our website is in good faith to try and help project(s) and their supporters, but may contain inaccuracies so please use as a basic guide.